Catalent Introduces New Web Tool To Solve Formulation Challenges

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New interactive web tool helps innovators match formulations to drug delivery technologies.

Catalent Pharma Solutions announced that it will launch a new ‘FormProRx’ web tool on Nov. 11, during the 2013 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition. The web-based scientific resource has been developed to assist drug development teams seeking to determine the optimal finished dose suited to their product based on product requirements, target indications and molecule properties.

FormProRx enables users to evaluate multiple oral drug delivery technologies and establish which is most appropriate for their compound. Users can gain access to a customized report for their API characteristics and product requirements across 24 dimensions under the categories ‘solubility & permeability,’ ‘physiochemical properties,’ ‘potent handling’ and ‘API processing.’ On completing the profile, the user then receives a detailed report on which drug delivery technologies could be appropriate for further investigation. Whether for a new drug or a line extension, insights from FormProRx may suggest new approaches that benefit pharmacokinetics, patient adherence or the formulation’s therapeutic profile.


"It is ever more challenging to deliver drugs effectively in a form that is convenient for patients and minimizes side effects. Formulators can drive better outcomes through familiarity with the many drug delivery technologies available," commented Dr. Kurt Nielsen, chief technology officer and senior vice president of innovation and growth at Catalent, in a press statement. “By introducing a tool that suggests drug delivery technologies based on the specific characteristics of the molecule, and yet is fast and easy-to-use, Catalent aims to help innovators improve their treatments and advance them faster. It is built on the knowledge of many scientists with broad experience developing hundreds of molecules and provides an excellent aid to development teams.”

Source: Catalent