CEM Wins Peptide Patent Dispute with Biotage

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CEM Corp. announced that its European Patent covering microwave assisted solid phase peptide synthesis has been upheld.

CEM Corporation announced in a press release that its European Patent No. 1 491 552 covering microwave assisted solid phase peptide synthesis has been upheld in an oral proceeding at the European Patent Office. The opposition proceeding had been initiated by Biotage in an attempt to revoke the patent.

According to the statement, the patent broadly covers the overall process of microwave peptide synthesis including the steps of deprotection and coupling. Biotage was unable to find or provide any new prior art that could be used to nullify the patent.


“Microwave peptide synthesis using the methods claimed in EP 1 491 552 can only be performed using CEM microwave systems which carry a license for this process,” commented Michael J. Collins, PhD, president and CEO of CEM Corporation. “No other microwave systems (including Biotage) can be offered or used to perform CEM’s patented microwave peptide synthesis (including deprotection and coupling) without being in violation of this or other related CEM patents. Obviously, we will continue to ensure that all of our intellectual property rights are fully enforced and protected.
CEM has similar issued patents in the United States, Canada, and Japan.