Centrifuges Increase Capacity and Flexibility

Melanie Sena

Melanie Sena is community editor of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-06-02-2014, Volume 38, Issue 6

Centrifuges Increase Capacity and Flexibility

Thermo Scientific’s general purpose centrifuges feature increased capacity and flexibility with rotor improvements including the Thermo Scientific TX-1000 rotor, which employs a 4-liter capacity in a traditional 3-liter footprint. Additionally, the MicroClick 30 x 2 rotor offers a 30-place capacity for microtube and nucleic acid spin columns, and is used for molecular biology applications. According to the company, these high-capacity rotors are designed to process more tubes in fewer runs, saving time while reducing wear on the centrifuge. The general purpose centrifuge floor models conserve bench space with a 25% smaller footprint compared to refrigerated benchtop models and a working height of 79 cm, providing ergonomic design for removing tubes and exchanging rotors.

Thermo Scientific