Cleaning and Disinfection Technology Removes Biofilms

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The STERIS ProKlenz ONE alkaline cleaner now has a label performance claim for biofilm removal, in addition to the product’s existing label as a disinfectant and virucide.

The STERIS ProKlenz ONE alkaline cleaner now has a label performance claim for biofilm removal, following an update of the product’s registration with the Environmental Protection Agency, STERIS Corporation announced in a Dec. 19, 2019 press release. 

This performance claim, in addition to the product’s claims as a disinfectant and virucide, demonstrates the efficacy of ProKlenz ONE as both a cleaner and disinfectant, said the company. This new label claim is the result of testing and development in the removal of biofilms from hard, non-porous surfaces.

“Microbial contamination, specifically biofilms, can be a significant challenge for our customers,’’ said Michael Gietl, senior product manager for STERIS Life Sciences, in the press release. “Years of research and data collection gave us the confidence to pursue this performance claim, and we’ve demonstrated the product’s ability to remove one of the most challenging soils in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.”

ProKlenz ONE alkaline cleaner is a detergent specially formulated to meet the unique cleaning demands found in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and other industries requiring an effective, validatable cleaner. It is a high-performance alkaline cleaner that is also a disinfectant and virucide formulated to remove difficult process residues.

A proprietary blend of a concentrated alkalinity source, advanced surfactant system, and other performance-enhancing ingredients provides multiple cleaning mechanisms and microbial efficacy. This low-foaming product removes a range of process residues, from fermentation by-products to silicone-based emulsions and lubricants, and it is suitable for use in bot clean-in-place and clean-out-of-place applications. An extensive support package is available to meet validation objectives.

Source: Steris