Cleanroom Documentation Systems

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VAI has solved the challenges surrounding particulate and fiber contamination in controlled areas by developing CleanPrint 10, the Core2Print, and Core2Write and has addressed cleanroom traceability via our Core2Scan System.

VAI has addressed and solved the challenges surrounding particulate and fiber contamination in controlled areas from GMP required documentation by developing a complete system of Cleanroom Documentation: CleanPrint 10, the Core2Print, and Core2Write.



CleanPrint 10, is the synthetic, cellulose free, low particulate, writing substrate. It is extremely durable, yet pliable, while being resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and ink smearing. The Core2Print, is a 316L Stainless Steel HEPA filtered printing system. The Core2Print prints wirelessly onto VAI’s pre-sterilized CleanPrint 10 paper into the controlled area. Core2Write is a line of custom, customer specific, documentation featuring: logbooks, tags, forms, and labels. All Core2Write products are printed on CleanPrint 10 synthetic writing substrate. Core2Write products are available sterile, and quadruple bag packaged in VAI’s ABCD Cleanroom Introduction System.


With RFID integration available, Core2Write is compatible with our Core2Scan System. Core2Scan is an identification and tracking system that pairs RFID asset and procedural identification devices, readers, and software tracking technology with a facility’s equipment, products, and/or procedures. The Core2Scan system has been specifically tailored toward the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to assure traceability and accuracy by enabling automated end-to-end supply chain tracking that reduces human error and increases accountability.


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