CO2-based Cleaning Jets

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, December 2022, Volume 46, Issue 12
Pages: 12

ACP Systems’ quattroClean snow jet technology uses liquid, climate-neutral CO2 for cleanroom cleaning.

ACP Systems’ quattroClean snow jet technology is a cleanroom-compatible cleaning process that is dry and uses liquid, climate-neutral carbon dioxide (CO2). Upon impact with the surface that is to be cleaned, the four effects (thermal, mechanical, solvent, and sublimation) of the technology are designed to remove filmic contaminants and particles to the sub-micron range effectively and consistently. Additionally, because the crystalline CO2 sublimates completely during cleaning, the surfaces or parts are dry following the process.

ACP tailors the process for full-surface or partial cleaning in tests at companies’ technical centers based on factors such as device application, material properties, the type of contamination, and cleanliness specifications. This testing influences various process parameters, including volume flows for compressed air and CO2, the number of nozzles, the area to be jet-cleaned, and the jet time.

During cleaning, end-to-end process monitoring is used to validate the cleaning via specific process parameters. Media preparation equipment is used to prevent cross- and re-contamination of surfaces.

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