Colorcon Adds On-Dose Authentication

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Molecular taggants from Applied DNA Sciences and Colorcon’s Opadry coating target counterfeit and falsified medications.

Colorcon has announced the availability of On-Dose Authentication, which integrates molecular taggants from Applied DNA Sciences (ADNAS) into Colorcon’s Opadry formulated film coating system, to reduce the risks associated with counterfeit and falsified medications entering the supply chain.

This commercial offering is the result of collaboration between Colorcon and ADNAS to enhance patient safety and reduce risk by using intelligent data and analytics gathered from authentication of the dosage form itself, the company reported in a Dec. 20, 2019 press statement.

“On-dose authentication technology represents the next generation in pharmaceutical supply-chain security by providing a powerful tool for tracking product from plant to patient,” said Kelly Boyer, general manager, film coatings, Colorcon, in the press statement. “By seamlessly enabling authentication, these digitized coatings confirm the quality and origin of medicines thereby safeguarding both patients and brands.”


“With new guidelines from regulators and accessible technology, on-dose solutions provide a more robust and reliable means of identifying and deterring counterfeiting, verifying product authenticity, and ensuring product traceability. Through extensive research and development, Colorcon has created a unique coating system to address this global problem,” said Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, vice president/chief scientific officer, Colorcon, in the press statement.

Source: Colorcon