Colorcon Cooperates with BASF to Use Kollicoat IR

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Colorcon announced that it will cooperate with BASF to add Kollicoat IR immediate-release coating polymer to Colorcon's film-coating portfolio.

Colorcon announced on Oct. 8, 2014, that it will cooperate with BASF to use Kollicoat IR for Colocon’s portfolio of ready-to-use coatings. Colorcon’s current film-coating options can be formulated for application and regulatory requirements, including immediate, sustained, and enteric release products. With the addition of Kollicoat IR to Colorcon’s portfolio, they will be able to use the immediate-release coating polymer.

Kollicoat IR is a polyvinyl alcohol-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer that is freely soluble in water. It can be processed at low temperatures with high-solids content.

“Kollicoat IR provides Colorcon with the capability to further expand our film coating portfolio, bringing more choice to our customers while providing customized solutions. We are pleased to cooperate with BASF to bring Kollicoat IR to a wider market, combining BASF’s polymer expertise with Colorcon’s knowledge of formulated film coating systems and our global reach,” said Cornelis van den Muyzenberg, vice-president of Sales and Business Development at Colorcon, in a press release.


Colorcon will use Kollicoat IR as an alternative for use in their Opadry systems, which are customizable, one-step film coating products that use polymer, plasticizer, and pigment in a dry concentrate.

Source: BASF