Colorcon Opens Major Facility in India

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-05-07-2014, Volume 10, Issue 5

Colorcon invests in significant expansion of its South Asia production facility.

Colorcon announced that it has completed a major expansion of its South Asia production facility in Verna, Goa, India. The Goa site operates under schedule M of the Indian FDA and IPEC guidelines, with Colorcon accredited to the latest ISO 9001 standard.

Colorcon provides film coatings, modified-release technologies, functional excipients and tablet-design services to the pharmaceutical industry. The Goa plant is one of six Colorcon manufacturing plants dedicated to film coatings. These plants are strategically located close to key customer centers in India, China, Europe, North America and Japan.

Subodh Priolkar, regional managing director for South Asia, said during the opening event that the investment would enable Colorcon to continue to meet the needs of its customers through security of supply and short lead times.


Martti Hedman, CEO of Colorcon, added that India is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets and is also the most important production cluster of generic medicines for global markets. “Colorcon is investing heavily in India to support its customers during both development and manufacture,” Hedman said. “Speed to market, cost to produce and consistently high product quality are our customers’ strategic objectives.”

Source: Colorcon