Continuous Granulator with Integrated Dryer

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, October 2022, Volume 46, Issue 10
Pages: 12

L.B. Bohle’s QbCon 1 is intended to meet all quality requirements for long granulation processing time.

L.B. Bohle’s QbCon 1 is intended for truly continuous drying and granulation that can meet all quality requirements for long processing times, featuring very narrow and reproducible residence time distributions in the dryer. The product filter surface for the air is kept permanently by means of a novel cleaning process, which allows for continuous granulation without interrupting the process.

The system uses process analytical technology to monitor the production process in-line with the intent of increasing patient safety, reducing costs, creating better process understanding, and optimizing process control. This entire process is controlled and monitored via a touch panel.

The conveying of the granules and the airflow are independently adjustable, allowing the drying effect of the granules to be controlled via the airflow, the supply air temperature, and the conveying speed. Additionally, the granulator is designed to maintain a stable quality of the granules with regard to moisture and particle size.

L.B. Bohle