Continuus Pharmaceuticals Opens Process Development Lab

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The new lab near Continuus Pharmaceutical’s current facilities in Massachusetts will expand the company’s process development capabilities to high-potency drugs.

Continuus Pharmaceuticals opened a new lab in Massachusetts to streamline development and production of small-molecule drugs, including marketed products, generic medications, and investigational therapies, and will add capabilities for process development of high-potency drugs, the company announced in a July 14, 2021 press release.

The company, which is developing its proprietary Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) technology for end-to-end pharmaceutical manufacturing, is currently constructing a 50,000-ft2 ICM facility. The new, 3000-ft2 lab, which includes cleanroom space and high-potency capabilities, will complement the ICM manufacturing facility. The new lab will have an ICM line where API will be produced from raw materials and formulated into a sterile solution in a continuous process; the products from this line will be used strictly for research, not for human consumption.

“Our new lab space, located one mile from our current manufacturing site and corporate headquarters, will help CONTINUUS advance our mission for on-demand delivery of affordable, high-quality, vital medicines to patients in need of therapeutic solutions, and will also help facilitate collaborations with innovator companies that are developing high-potency drugs,” said Salvatore Mascia, PhD, founder and CEO of Continuus Pharmaceuticals, in the press release.


In early 2021, the company announced it had received a $69.3-million US government contract to facilitate domestic production of vital medicines. According to the press release, the lab will help Continuus fulfill its current government contract and will also be used in current and future engagements with industry partners.

Source: Continuus Pharmaceuticals