Core Coating Module Expands Capability of Tablet Press

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A core coating module allows Roeltgen's FlexiTab development and small-batch tablet press to manufacture multi-layer and externally lubricated tablets.

PharmaTechnology Inc. and Roeltgen developed a core coating module for Roeltgen's FlexiTab Tablet Press, which is a freely-controllable single-punch press for use in galenics development and small batch production applications. The core coating system is a modular enhancement that works by replacing one of the press’ three feeders with a new module that accurately places core tablets, already pre-filled with a first layer of powder, into the center of the press die.  Another layer of powder is then added, covering the core. The complete tablet is then compressed once or twice in a process similar to the pre- and main-compression steps performed on rotary presses. Expanding the capabilities of the FlexiTab, this module can manufacture single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer and externally lubricated tablets.