Counting Machine with NIR Ensures Quality Control for Solid-Dose Products

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Marchesini Group’s Compact 12 electronic counter with HarleNIR vision system measures product and active ingredient when filling and capping bottles for tablets and capsules.

The Marchesini Group’s monobloc unit fills and caps bottles for tablets or capsules. The Compact 12 is an electronic counter using SEA Vision’s new HarleNIR vision system with a near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral camera to chemically distinguish pharmaceutical products by analyzing their active ingredient. 

The machine is set up to handle various capping systems (e.g., screw-on, press-on, crimped). Depending on customer requirements, the machine can accommodate restricted access barrier systems (RABS) or laminar flow systems. 

A weight control system measures tare and gross weight to calculate net weight. The company’s Valida technology uses a multivision system to measure and control the shape, size, and color of the pills. The system consists of four cameras to monitor the pills from overhead as they run along the conveyors and check they are the right shape and color; one camera to monitor the height of the pills via laser triangulation; and photocells to ensure non-compliant products are rejected. The Valida system allows single rejects of individual defective pills, whatever their shape or size, without having to reject the whole bottle. 

An integrated chemical-imaging system checks the active ingredient. Developed by Marchesini’s partner SEA Vision, the HarleNIR system analyzes the NIR spectrum of the pharmaceutical product on the production line and compares it with that of the reference active ingredient. When the shape and color are compliant, the system can identify the same product that may have a different dosage or a product with the incorrect active. The system points out the error and the channel where it has been found, and the machine is stopped. The spectral analytic function provides an important warning to prevent an ingredient mix-up from being released.

Source: Marchesini Group