Covance Laboratory Services Gets Top Ranking in Satisfaction Survey

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Survey confirms strong link between choice of preferred central laboratory and investigator satisfaction with study sponsors.

Covance Inc. announced that its central laboratory services ranked first in a survey of physician investigators participating in clinical trials.  Forty-seven percent of the study participants named Covance’s central laboratory services as their most preferred central laboratory, with investigators citing Covance more than twice as often as the nearest competitor, Covance reported in a statement.  Investigators also reported having the best overall relationship with Covance, rating it 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The study, conducted by Life Science Strategy Group, a market research firm, shows a link between overall investigator satisfaction and sponsors’ choice of central laboratory, with all respondents reporting they were satisfied when pharmaceutical sponsors select the investigators’ preferred central laboratory.  When pharmaceutical sponsors select the investigators’ least preferred central laboratory, satisfaction drops significantly.  Respondents cited central laboratory preference, as a key driver of satisfaction with the pharmaceutical sponsor as well, with 91% of investigators stating that they are more satisfied and willing to work with a sponsor on trials when sponsors have selected investigators’ preferred central laboratory.  Ninety-eight percent of investigators indicate the central laboratory selected by the sponsor impacts their success (and that of their staff), their day-to-day activities, and their willingness to work with a particular sponsor on future studies.


Source: Covance Inc.