CPhI Announces Finalists for Pharma Awards

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Winners for the 2013 CPhI Pharma Awards, which recognize pharmaceutical innovation, will be awarded on later today, Tuesday Oct. 22.

As CPhI Worldwide kicks off this week in Frankfurt, the finalists for the CPhI Pharma Awards have been released. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony at CPhI on Tuesday Oct. 22. CPhI is recognizing innovation in three categories: process development, formulation, and packaging.

Three finalists are up for the Best Innovation in Process Development. They include: API Corporation (Tokyo) for a practical synthesis of functionalized pharmaceuticals through carbon–hydrogen activation; Bachem (Bubendorf, Switzerland) for a chemical synthesis of interferon beta-1a; and Codexis (Redwood City, California) for green and scaleable biocatalytic oxidations.

Three finalists are competing for the Best Innovation in Formulation. They include: Bitop AG (Witten, Germany) for Ectoin, a proprietary ingredient derived from an amino acid found in extremophilic microorganisms and which has cell-protective properties that can be used in medical devices, life-science products, and cosmetics; Camurus (Lund, Switzerland) for FluidCrystal, a proprietary injection depot and related technology; and EmulTech BV (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) for its microfluidic platform and technology.


The three finalists for the Best Innovation in Packaging are: E-Pharma Trento (Trento, Italy), which specializes in niche oral delivery soluble forms, for a three-layer blister pack designed to protect fragile dosage forms such as orally disintegrating tablets; Doctor Pack India (Bangalore, India) for MAGIC CAP, which allows for sterile piercing and precise dosage for drops; and Neutroplast (Sobral Monte Agraço, Portugal) for a vaginal applicator.