CPhI Worldwide Announces New Advisory Board

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CPhI, a UBM EMEA organization, launched a new advisory board for 2015.


On Jan. 19, 2015, CPhI Worldwide, a UBM EMEA organization, announced in a press release that they would launch an international advisory board. The purpose of the advisory board is to help CPhI identify hot topics and will guide the content published at CPhI Worldwide.

A key goal of the board is to ensure that the CPhI content platforms address in a meaningful and interactive way the industry’s concerns and challenges, while creating forums for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discover new opportunities, and find solutions to their most crucial problems. The advisory board members reflect this commitment to serving the CPhI customer base and will include representation from key analysts, leading exhibitors, Big Pharma, independent experts, and academics.


Expertise from a variety of areas will be brought together to ensure that the organization stays on the forefront of the international pharmaceutical industry. The board will meet annually, supplemented with regular conference calls, to strategize current plans and future developments.

The team will consist of the following members:

  • Alan Sheppard, principal, global generics, thought leadership, IMS Health will provide expertise across the generics, biosimilars and emerging markets.

  • Brian Carlin, director of open innovation, FMC, will lend his expertise on excipients.

  • Kurt Nielsen, chief technology officer and senior vice-president, R&D Catalent, and Lukas Utiger, President, DPx Fine Chemicals, will provide expertise in global perspectives.

  • Dilip Shah, CEO of vision consulting, and Marlene Llopiz, director for international strategies and regulatory affairs, Probiomed, will provide regulatory expertise

  • Martin Folger, head of pharmaceutical development, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, and Roger Bakale, vice-president CMC and clinical supply chain, Receptos (and formally a Senior Director of R&D at TEVA), will act as the experts in Big Pharma and generic drugs.

  • Partnerships, packaging, fine chemicals, and marketing will complete the expertise portfolio with: Giles Breault, who left Novartis to found consultancy firm the Beyond Group; Frederic Kahn, vice-president key account management, Gerresheimer AG; Jan Ramakers, owner, Fine Chemical Consulting Group; and Nigel Walker, managing director of That’s Nice.

Source: CPhI Worldwide