CPhI Worldwide Celebrates 25 Years with #CPhI25 Success Stories

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CPhI Worldwide releases "25 pharma stories made at CPhI" for 25th anniversary.

In celebration of the event’s 25th anniversary, CPhI Worldwide is releasing a series of  pharma stories ‘made at CPhI’. The first of the 25 stories was released on Oct. 2, 2014. Each of the 25 stories will follow pharmaceutical industry successes that were direct results of meetings at CPhI. Global Pharamceutical Relief, a global pharmaceutical and medical supply distributer focused on supplying sustainable logistic strategies in information, communication, and transport technologies, shared their story, having met for the first time at CPhI in 2012.

"It all started with an idea on the back of a napkin, but the key suppliers and manufacturers we met at CPhI enabled us to turn this into a reality. Now when there is an emergency and governments and NGOs need a medial treatment supplied, Global Pharmaceutical Relief is able to help, all thanks to the distribution and supplier agreements made at the CPhI Worldwide, said Matthew Rosen, CEO at Global Pharmaceutical Relief. Their story can be viewed on CPhI’s YouTube channel.

CPhI invites all attendees to tweet their success stories to #CPhI25 and join the #CPhIfamily. All 25 stories will be released after the event in an ebook.


Source: CPhI