Crucell announces acquisition of SBL Vaccin AB

November 30, 2006

Crucell announces acquisition of SBL Vaccin AB

Dutch biotech company, Crucell, has completed its takeover of SBL Vaccin AB. The €39.4 million deal is set to strengthen Crucell's sales organization in Scandanavia. In 2005, SBL generated sales of around €25.2 million with a cash flow of €0.6 million.

Through Q3 of 2006, the company made €17.6 million in revenues, with €0.5 million in EBIT and €2.7 million in cash flow. However, the main interest for Crucell is Dukoral - an oral vaccine against cholera and ETEC (traveller's diarrhoea), which will further expand and strengthen Crucell's portfolio of travel vaccines. The vaccine is registered in over 50 countries, and sales have increased by over 60% since 2004, exceeding €14 million in 2005.

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