Crystal PharmaTech Collaborates with Freeslate for Solid Form Screening

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Crystal Pharmatech selects Freeslate for its CM Protege PharmD System.

Crystal Pharmatech, a leader in solid-state chemistry services for drug development, has selected Freeslate, a provider of high through put research solutions, for its CM Protégé PharmD System for polymorph, salt, co-crystal, and solubility screens of APIs.

The Freeslate PharmD System will be used to extend thepolymorph and solubility screens completed without increasing the time or resources required. Crystal Pharmatech will also serve as a reference site and demo lab for Freeslate, hosting customers and product demonstrations and participating in speaking engagements.

Freeslate's CM Protégé PharmD System brings high-throughput solid and solubility screening to a broader range of researchers with a fully automated platform. The system can evaluate up to 384 crystallization conditions per run to quickly turn around solid-form screening projects and save users valuable material through its ability to use approximately 1 g of API per solid-form screen. Solid forms can be analyzed by birefringence, x-ray powder diffraction, and Raman spectroscopy directly from the glass universal substrate without any manual manipulation of fragile crystals. Other analyses and experiments, such as solid form stability, can also be conducted directly on the glass universal substrate. Heating, cooling, and mixing on-deck allows for simultaneous slurry, precipitation, cooling, and evaporation experiments on a single platform.

The CM Protégé PharmD System uses Freeslate's Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software for library design, protocol development/execution, data analysis, and reporting. This allows users to design complex experiments quickly using its recipe-oriented approach. Using LEA, experimental conditions can be linked to analytical data for easy viewing and reporting.

Source: Crystal Pharmatech