Custom-Design Process Vessel

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-11-02-2017, Volume 41, Issue 11
Pages: 12

The 300-gallon process vessel from Ross Charles can be customized according to specific user needs.

Ross Charles’ custom-design process vessel can be modified to fit a range of requirements. The 300-gallon vessel is suited for 5-psi internal pressure at 300 °F. Product-wetted surfaces are 304L-type stainless steel and polished to 240-grit finish. The vessel is agitated by a disperser blade driven to 1150 rpm by a 75HP explosion-proof motor. The agitator shaft uses a mechanical seal running in an oil bath. 

Additionally, the vessel comes with a 50-psig American Society of Mechanical Engineers code-stamped baffled jacket surrounding the sides and bottom for heating and cooling. All elastomers, nozzles, sensors, dip tubes, valves, and operator controls are supplied based on the end user’s specific requirements.

Ross, Charles & Son