Dalton Launches Clinical Injectables Service

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Dalton Pharma Services announced on Dec. 2, 2014 that it will launch “Steriles Made Simple” programs designed to produce clinical sterile liquid injectables faster. Dalton will use pre-prepared material, process, and systems to deliver cGMP sterile liquid injectables to customers within four months of available APIs, specifically small molecule Phase I/II projects requiring batches of 10,000 vials or less.

“We looked at the critical aspects of cGMP sterile vial manufacturing that resulted in the longest timelines and really simplified this complex process for our customers. Steriles Made Simple (SM) has been a strategic priority for Dalton with a focus on delivering product faster, without compromising the quality,” said Peter Pekos, CEO & president of Dalton Pharma Services, in a press release.


Source: Dalton Pharma Services