Day Two at ACHEMA

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The majority of the PTE team is in attendance at ACHEMA. Dr Jo Watts gives us a live update from day two of the show.

Another day and I’ve seen many more technologies here in Frankfurt at ACHEMA.

AVEVA have unveiled a new plant design technology. The software should offer faster deployment and an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) with mobile access. It offers richer design capabilities that will improve automation and visibility. The company also claim that it will be faster and 20% more efficient than their previous, tried and tested product.

BOSCH had a vast array of products on show. Their Fast Air Lock ISS 1000 allows for the contamination-free transfer of pharmaceutical equipment. It is the 100th isolator sold to the pharmaceutical trade. They also have a unit based on soft x-ray technology for the inspection of filled hard capsules. Their Marvus system consists of a headset with a camera, display, earphones and microphone. This is all for remote service from BOSCH experts. This product is also up for an innovation award.


Other innovations I noted were ATMI’s large array of mixers and bioreactors for single-use technology. Conductive levitation is a unique mixing technology and there is no contact. Meanwhile. Thermo Scientific had a freezer on show that will text you if it starts defrosting. They have also developed an extruder for hot-melt extrusion, in association with BASF.