Desiccant Tablets Measure Moisture in Blister Pack Testing

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Clariant’s Tri-Sorb Desiccant Tablets are designed for USP moisture testing of blister packs.

Tri-Sorb molecular sieve desiccant tablets from Clariant’s Healthcare Packaging business unit are specifically designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packagers who are conducting moisture-permeation testing of unit-dose blister packaging as prescribed in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard USP <671>. The desiccant tablets are designed for placement into blister headspaces, either singly or in multiples, in lieu of the actual drug product, where they are used to test and verify the moisture vapor transmission rate (MTVR) of blister packaging according to the USP standard.

The tablets are packaged in quantities suitable for laboratory testing applications, with 320-350 tablets, depending on tablet size, in each resealable barrier pouch. To ensure product integrity and moisture adsorption capacity, Tri-Sorb desiccant tablets are not repackaged by a third party, but packaged directly on-site as part of the manufacturing process.

Tri-Sorb tablets are made from 4A molecular sieve and are available in three sizes: 0.125 g, 0.25 g, and 0.37 g. Similar Tri-Sorb tablets are also widely used in the packaging of medical devices and rapid diagnostic tests, where they protect functionality, accuracy, and shelf life from being compromised by moisture.

Source: Clariant