DHL Expands Life Sciences and Healthcare Facility in Germany

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DHL Global Forwarding has expanded its life sciences and healthcare facility in Leipzig, Germany.

DHL Global Forwarding has expanded its life sciences and healthcare facility by approximately 2500 m2 in Leipzig, Germany. The expanded capacity was announced in a Jan. 21, 2020 press release.

The larger facility is located in close proximity to Leipzig airport and includes equipment for the storage and handling of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and medical products, such as vaccinations. Additionally, the facility, along with DHL’s facilities in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, has achieved IATA CEIV Pharma recertification for good practice.

In the expanded space, there are now two temperature zones, a larger one of 1700 m2 where the temperature can be regulated between 15 and 25 °C and a smaller zone of 850 m2 that can be cooled down to 2–8 °C. Furthermore, dry ice handling for passively cooled transport containers and handling of actively cooled transport containers are featured as standard.


“Since the start of the pandemic, we have observed a strong increase in demand for pharmaceutical products and goods. Given the good news regarding the development of COVID-19 vaccinations, this demand is likely to increase even further in the coming months,” said Tobias Schmidt, CEO DHL Global Forwarding in Germany, in the press release. “The current COVID-19 health emergency serves as a reminder to all of us how essential it is to have high quality standards in place for the transportation and storage of drugs and pharmaceutical products. Our IATA CEIV Pharma recertification shows that our efforts are bearing fruit and we are a reliable partner for the shipment of structurally complex and temperature-sensitive drugs.”

Source: DHL