Digital Inventory Platform Improves Data Access

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A digital system makes real-time inventory, production, distribution, and shipping information readily accessible.

PCI Pharma Services, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), introduced the pci|bridge digital platform in September 2020 to make real-time inventory, production, distribution, and shipping information readily accessible to its biopharmaceutical clients. “The platform includes data for raw materials received, as well as bulk materials, storage-only products, and finished goods,” explains Morgan Brandt, director of Digital Products at PCI Pharma Services.

“The goal of pci | bridge is to not only make clients’ lives easier, but to help them get life-changing therapies to patients faster by providing efficiencies via greater transparency, accessibility, and automated communications,” says Brandt. She notes that clients appreciate the “self-serve” aspect of the platform and the customized reports. Insights from data help clients make more informed decisions.


The platform is part of PCI’s digital transformation strategy. The platform enables digitization of records by providing a document repository where electronic paperwork can be stored and accessed in one place, with signatures secured on the platform. Brandt says that cybersecurity was a focus during the development of the platform, and that cloud-based storage helps ensure data integrity.