DIOSNA Dierks & Söhne GmbH - Granulationline CGS

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The CGS concept provides optimal integration of the process steps of mixing, granulating and drying. The outlet of the mixer-granulator is directly linked to the inlet of the fluid bed dryer, eliminating long transfer pipes.

Installation expenditure for the CGS is low. Mixer and dryer are supported by one common frame which makes additional framework unnecessary.

The CGS concept can incorporate an integrated explosion protection concept. The individual processing units of mixer, wet mill and dryer will then be designed to be 12 bar pressure shock resistant.

Due to the compact installation, the floor space required by the CGS plant is very small. This fact is not only important for existing plants with limited available space, but also for new plants which allows clean room space to be reduced.


All connection lines of the CGS from feeding the mixer to discharging the dryer are integrated into the automatic cleaning system. Due to well planned accessibility of all areas the supply lines can be connected in minimal time.

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