DoD Grants Additional Funds to MediWound for Advancement of Non-Surgical Treatment for Field Care Burns

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MediWound has been granted an additional $6.7 million by the DoD to advance NexoBrid as a non-surgical field care solution for the US military.

MediWound, an Israel-based biopharmaceutical company focused on next-generation enzymatic therapeutics for tissue repair, announced on Dec. 28, 2023 that the US Department of Defense, through the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium, a biomedical technology consortium focused on developing medical solutions for US military personnel, has awarded MediWound an additional $6.7 million to develop NexoBrid as a non-surgical solution for field-care burn treatment for the US Army.

The additional funding brings MediWound’s R&D budget up to $14.4 million, which the company will use to advance the development and production of a new, temperature-stable formulation of NexoBrid. Doing so will position NexoBrid as the first-line non-surgical solution for treating severe burn injuries in pre-hospital settings, according to a company press release.

NexoBrid is a bromelain-based biological product containing a sterile mix of proteolytic enzymes that selectively removes eschar in patients with deep partial and full-thickness thermal burns (1,2). It is administered topically. The product is currently approved in the United States, European Union, and other international markets (1).

Under an agreement worth potentially $150 million, Vericel, a US-based company specializing in sports medicine and severe burn care, holds an exclusive license for the commercial and development rights to NexoBrid in North America. MediWound retains commercial rights in all non-North American territories (2).


"We are delighted to further solidify our partnership with the US Department of Defense. The additional funding will enhance our CMC [chemistry, manufacturing, and controls] activities, expedite preclinical development, and facilitate the establishment of a GMP [good manufacturing practice]-compliant aseptic production line for the temperature-stable formulation of NexoBrid," said Ofer Gonen, CEO, MediWound, in the press release. "This new award underscores our shared commitment to ensuring NexoBrid's availability for military use and its potential to significantly change the early treatment approach for severe burns."


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Source: MediWound