Dow Strengthens Affinisol Portfolio for Drug Formulators

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New polymers from Dow presented at CPhI 2014 help maximize a pharmaceutical product's solubilization performance.

Poorly soluble drug candidates can now get some help from Dow’s new polymers, which are designed to address the solubilization performance requirements of a pharmaceutical company’s APIs in spray-dried dispersion (SDD) and hot-melt extrusion (HME) formulations.

Dow’s solution for SDD is Affinisol HPMCAS (Hypromellose Acetate Succinate), a range of polymers that help maintain stable solid dispersions and inhibit API crystallization. The product offers polymer-tailoring options to maximize solubilization.

For HME formulations, Dow offers Affinisol HPMC (Hyromellose), a next-generation crystallization inhibitor that can be extruded over a wide range of temperatures without the use of plasticizers. Because of its low glass transition temperature, the product “provides drug formulators with new capabilities to formulate amorphous solid dispersions and controlled release profiles via extrusion processes,” according to a press release.