Drug Solutions Podcast: Considering Biologic Drug Development and Manufacturing Holistically

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In this episode, Hanns-Christian Mahler and Andrea Allmendinger from ten23 health will discuss some key aspects of biologic drug development and manufacturing.

In this episode of the Drug Solutions podcast, Felicity Thomas, European/Senior Editor, talks to Hanns-Christian Mahler, CEO and board member, and Andrea Allmendinger, chief scientific officer, both at ten23 health—a contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to human-centric and sustainable pharmaceutical development—about some of the hurdles facing developers and manufacturers of biological therapies. Hanns-Christian and Andrea take a closer look at some of the solutions being used within industry to overcome these challenges and focus on the issue of sustainability within this sphere. Finally, they touch upon some of the other potentially important future trends that will impact biologic drug development and manufacturing.

About the Speakers

Hanns-Christian Mahler is Chief Enablement Officer (CEO) & Board Member, ten23 health. Mahler’s previous roles include the head of Drug Product Services at Lonza, head of Pharmaceutical Development and Supplies at Roche, and principal scientist of Pharmaceutical Development and CMC Project Manager Erbitux for Merck KGaA. He holds a PhD in Toxicology from the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Mainz and is an adjunct faculty member and lecturer at the universities of Frankfurt and Basel. He obtained his venia legendi (German Habilitation) from the University of Frankfurt/M. in 2011. Mahler also serves on the boards of Bionter and KriyaBio, and is an editor for several pharmaceutical journals.

Andrea Allmendinger, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at ten23 health. Dr Allmendinger is also Adjunct Professor and Group Leader at the University of Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany), researching novel parenteral drug formulations and device solutions to improve stability, usability and cost of goods. Between 2010 and 2021, she was Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development at Roche, working on, inter alia, manufacturability and injectability of high-concentration protein formulations, formulation and process development of freeze dried formulations, syringe and high volume drug/device combination products, particulates and surfactant strategy. Dr Allmendinger studied Pharmacy at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and University College London, UK, and holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Basel, Switzerland. She obtained the venia legendi (German Habilitation) from the University of Freiburg in 2021, and serves as Editor-In-Chief for the AAPS Open Journal.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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