Drug Solutions Podcast: Digital Transformation in the Biopharma Industry

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In this episode of the Drug Solutions Podcast, industry experts discuss the challenges and advantages of the digitalization trend in the biopharma industry, with particular emphasis on the impacts to biomanufacturing.

The trend toward digital transformation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing continues as advanced technologies enter the scene and work their way through to manufacturing operations. With the availability of technologies to take automated biomanufacturing from preclinical to commercial-scale, the industry may start to see a wave of changeovers from manual processes to an automated, digital environment. This episode of the Drug Solutions Podcast will discuss the realities of switching over from manual to digital, and what to expect.

About the speakers

Ajit Yeole, senior director, Life Sciences Manufacturing, Cognizant

Ajit Yeole is the senior director for Life Sciences Manufacturing at Cognizant, based in London, UK.He is responsible for strategy, smart manufacturing, developing new service offerings, and digital accelerators targeted towards addressing the industry needs. Has been closely working on engagements around manufacturing and quality involving emerging technologies (Industrial IoT, advanced analytics, AR/VR , and others) using agile and design-thinking-led approaches. He has led the manufacturing operations management practice for Cognizant in Europe and has delivered large manufacturing programs while collaboratively building tools and templates for consulting offerings. Previously, he worked in manufacturing operations management, IoT (M2M) and OT/ industrial automation as a consultant, solutions architect, and business unit head.

Laks Pernenkil, principal and practice leader, US Life Sciences Product & Supply Operations, Deloitte

Laks Pernenkil, PhD, is a principal in Deloitte’s Life Sciences Product, Supply, Manufacturing and Quality Operations practice based in McLean, Va. He has more than 15 years of consulting and technical operations experience in pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device sectors. At Deloitte, his experience includes smart/digital manufacturing and plant floor operations, plant engineering, facilities management, material sourcing, distribution, performance improvement, operational excellence, and market entry operations strategy.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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