Drug Solutions Podcast: Drug Packaging Advances

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In this episode, experts share their insights into important drug packaging advances of the past, present, and future.

In this episode of the Drug Solutions podcast, Felicity Thomas, European Editor, talks to a couple of experts on drug packaging advances that have been impactful in recent years and those that may have an impact in the future. Some talking points include sustainable packaging, tailored and patient-centric packaging options, the packaging challenges that arise when dealing with biologics, technological advances making packaging more convenient, and some interesting insights from events. The experts involved in this discussion were Aurelio Arias, who is part of the EMEA thought-leadership group at IQVIA, and Josh Brooks, the marketing and community director for a new event called Connect in Pharma.


About the Speakers

Aurelio Arias, engagement manager, European Thought Leadership, IQVIA

Aurelio creates topical and forward-looking strategic content relevant to pharma executives and publishes articles, blogs and white papers on a regular basis. He is involved in numerous projects related to increasing access to medicine as well as the interface between healthcare and digital technology. He is considered a subject matter expert in these areas and speaks at numerous conferences worldwide, presents at board-level meetings and engages with consulting projects.

Prior to IQVIA, Aurelio has worked in R&D and in various strategy consulting roles. He holds an MSci in Chemistry from Imperial College London.

Josh Brooks, marketing & community director, Packaging at Easyfairs

Josh heads marketing and communication activities across an international portfolio of agenda-setting packaging events in the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy. He joined Easyfairs in 2018 after an early career in business journalism and publishing, where he covered a wide range of sectors including packaging, printing, construction, property and electronics.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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