Drug Solutions Podcast: Drug Packaging and Sustainability Essentials

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Lon Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Colbert Packaging Corporation, discusses the latest drug packaging updates and how companies can become more sustainable with Pharmaceutical Technology editor Jill Murphy.

In this episode of the Drug Solutions podcast, Jill Murphy, Editor, talks to Lon Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Colbert Packaging Corporation, about drug packaging solutions, sustainable options for companies to move towards, EPR laws, and the challenges of transitioning to more renewable packaging options.


About the Speaker

Lon Johnson began working in the packaging industry in 1981. He joined Colbert in 1998, and was instrumental in shaping its flexographic printing division, with a vision for the future of pharmaceutical packaging. Currently, he oversees Colbert’s sales and marketing, and has been instrumental in developing patient adherence and clean packaging alternatives. Lon is a member of Colbert’s Board of Directors since 2018. Lon enjoys dedicating time to his industry’s professional associations. He served as president of the IOPP Greater Chicago chapter and was a member of the DCAT Board of Directors. He holds a B.S. from Minnesota State University.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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