Drug Solutions Podcast: Gliding Through the Ins and Outs of the Pharma Supply Chain

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In this episode of the Drug Solutions podcast, Jill Murphy, former editor, speaks with Bourji Mourad, partnership director at ThermoSafe, about the supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically related to packaging, pharma air freight, and the pressure on suppliers with post-COVID-19 changes on delivery.

About the speakers

Bourji Mourad, Director of Global Logistics & Partner Management at Sonoco ThermoSafe has spent the last 22+ years in the air cargo temperature management and cold chain logistics sector for safer transportation of time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. Bourji is building a global network of stations for handling and repair of Pegasus ULD the first in market with aircraft certified temperature-controlled container as a Unit Load Device launched during 2022.

Bourji is also creating partnerships with selective Airlines and Freight Forwarders at corporate level making it possible for customers gain access to the Pegasus ULD fleet available around the world and offered by Sonoco under a rental program for shipping Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences products. Prior to joining Sonoco in late 2019, Bourji was with Envirotainer for 18 years as their Global Head of Partner Management & Compliance; also has 20 years-experience in the Shipping & Freight Forwarding industry prior to joining Envirotainer.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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