Drug Solutions Podcast: Pharma Trends Dissected by 3 PR Agency Luminaries

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Public relations agencies dissect pharmaceutical trends: Brandwidth Solutions, Orientation Marketing and White Matter Communications

PR agencies perspectives lightening round: buy/hold/sell on mRNA beyond Vaccines, Organ on a chip, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML), Viral Vector Yield Improvements, Quality Management Maturity (QMM), Near Patient Manufacturing. The role of a PR agency dissected: are you a coach, a resource, a creative inspiration, a connector, a battering ram, secret sauce, an authoritative stakeholder, experienced guide? How has getting a message out has changed in the last 5 -10 years for pharmaceutical companies. What pharma industry trends do you see as important and want to emphasize, or are simply excited by?


About the speakers

Debra Harrsch, President and CEO, Brandwidth Solutions

Brandwidth Solutions’ holistic approach to scalable, science-focused, and customized marketing starts with in-depth industry knowledge and the full scope of services that enable you to get where you need to go. We speak science®.

Beth Willers, Principal, White Matter Communications

WMC was built to deliver a different type of agency experience to the B2B Life Sciences mark.et. Our focus is on developing quality content while building good habits across the PESO spectrum and making deeper connections both internally and externally to sustain a healthy brand evolution.

Kevin McCarthy, Senior Consultant, Orientation Marketing

Orientation Marketing is a life science and pharmaceutical marketing agency operating within specialist B2B scientific sectors. We help drug, ingredients, packaging, medical technology, contract manufacturing, development and research organisations uncover marketing opportunities to become visible, increase engagement and generate more leads.

About the Drug Solutions Podcast

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