Early drug formulation and development

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Catalent partners with innovators to accelerate programmes through the early phases of development, overcome a molecule’s solubility and bioavailability challenges, and increase its likelihood of success in the clinic.

Modern drugs are becoming more complex and often bring bioavailability and delivery challenges to formulation scientists. By tackling these challenges earlier in the process, and selecting an optimal dosage form at the clinical development stage, costly and time-consuming steps can be avoided later in development, and programmes can be accelerated through the clinic and on towards commercialisation.



Catalent has a broad range of experience and expertise in early phase development, which has seen the company support over 500 INDs. From its facility in San Diego, Catalent supports early phase small molecule development, while its OptiForm® Solution Suite integrates tools and services to deliver relevant data and an optimised development programme; providing an efficient and seamless path from late-stage discovery to phase I clinical trials.


Designed to make it easier and faster for small and mid-sized innovators to develop better treatments, OptiForm Solution Suite includes a comprehensive range of candidate screening tools, ADME considerations, and in silico DMPK modelling, as well as additional bioavailability enhancing tools to provide materials for cGLP toxicological studies, and on to first-in-human studies.


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