Electronic Batch Record Software Improves Equipment Integration

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InstantGMP PRO 3.0 software integrates production scales with an electronic batch record system.

InstantGMP’s electronic batch record system, InstantGMP PRO 3.0, now has a new feature that connects weighing equipment on the production floor with its cloud-based software to accurately capturing weights and measurements of ingredients as well as reduce or eliminate errors during production.

Barcode labels on the material that is being weighed, the weighing equipment, and the operator are scanned and the weight is recorded. The unique receipt number of the material, the equipment identifiers, the actual weight, and a digital signature/time-date stamp of the operator is then automatically entered into the software as an electronic weigh ticket. This ensures an error-free transaction that simplifies the weight-recording process. After noting the weight in the batch production record, the software deducts the weighed amount of material from inventory in real-time, creates a record in the equipment log, and tracks the ingredient’s historical use for better traceability.

The company plans to continue to integrate other types of manufacturing equipment with the software to enable increasing automation and documentation of GMP production.

Source: InstantGMP