EMA Adopts List of Critical COVID-19 Medicines

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The agency’s Medicines Shortages Steering Group has adopted a list of critical COVID-19 vaccines and treatments so they may be monitored for potential shortages.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on June 8, 2022 that its Medicines Shortages Steering Group has created a list of critical authorized COVID-19 vaccines and treatments in order to monitor them for potential shortages. The list, which will be updated if changes in the pandemic situation occur, was created in consultation with the Medicines Shortages Single Point of Contact Working Party, the Emergency Task Force, and EMA’s Patients' and Consumers' Working Party and Healthcare Professionals' Working Party.

Companies that hold marketing authorizations of these medicines are required to update the agency with data on potential or actual shortages and available stock. Reports on estimated demand will also be provided by European Union Member States, enabling the agency to coordinate with the European Commission and EU Member States to prevent shortages of these critical medicines. EMA will work with authorization holders and national competent authorities to gather information about the medicines on the list.


Source: EMA