Emerging Pharma Leaders Tapped by Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

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Selected trendsetters reflect changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Executive, a sister publication of Pharmaceutical Technology,  presented 15 winners in its annual Emerging Pharma Leaders competition in its July issue.

The 15 trendsetters reflect an industry that is changing from Big Pharma to what Pharmaceutical Executive characterizes as growing to be small.

For the first time, we include line executives from generic medicines and vaccines, two adjacent business units which under turbulent market conditions have emerged as key sources of product and process innovation, says Editor William Looney. Several of this year's winners have graduated to new roles that reflect the growing importance the 'c suite' places on knowledge retention, information services and the seeding of skills and talent throughout the organization.”


Other recipients hold positions that reflect the need for active, institutionalized collaboration between the RD and commercial product teams, at the earliest stage of the development cycle,:” Looney adds. And in a business where customer insight is still in short supply, we find more leaders are entering the industry with valuable outside exposure to the fickle affiliations of the retail trade.

The winners can be viewed on the Pharmaceutical Executive website.