Enable Injections Completes its High-Volume Injector Manufacturing Facility

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The wearable devices for the delivery of biologic products are now being manufactured and will be tested in clinical trials in the near future, according to the company.

A new drug-delivery method that could enable patients to self-administer lyophilized medicines has entered production, according to the company Enable Injections. Their On Body Delivery Systems is a medical device that would facilitate the self-administration of viscous biologics that typically require mixing and reconstitution by healthcare professionals. The company’s Cincinnati, Ohio facility plans to produce up to one million units to start.

The device in question passively warms as it fills, eliminating the 30-minute wait time that is usually required for injectables to reach room temperature. It can work with numerous existing container closures, including many of the standard vials, cartridges, and syringes that are currently core elements of biologic packaging. The devices are also capable of bluetooth connectivity and can be linked to a mobile app that can help track compliance and adherence.

The drug delivery device may be of interest to various pharmaceutical companies looking for innovative delivery solutions, noted Eileen Rogers, vice-president if operations at Enable Injections, who said in a press release that many of the company’s pharmaceutical partners and site visitors at the BIO meeting that were looking for cross-labeling or co-packaging opportunities were “impressed” with the device.

Source: Enable Injections