Environmental Control Software

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, December 2022, Volume 46, Issue 12
Pages: 12

Linkam Scientific Instruments’ NEXUS software enables holistic environmental controls in experiments.

Linkam Scientific Instruments’ NEXUS software is used to precisely control and record all aspects of heating, cooling, vacuum, humidity, and other environmental conditions in Linkam stages. NEXUS Core is the main NEXUS platform, which includes various specifications to enable a greater degree of experimental control. The software features a live display, allowing for real-time observations, adjustments, and precise synchronization between samples in parallel with a real-time temperature chart.

In addition to the CORE platform, optional modules also exist. The NEXUS Image Capture Module, for instance, facilitates automatic image capture during experiments. Each image can be stamped with current temperature and other parameters, and the device also has rewind and review capabilities that can be used during live data recording. Other modules include the Extended Measurements module, the Reporting module, the Thermal Analysis by Surface Characterization (TASC) module, and the 21 CFR 11 compliance module.

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