ExcipientFest Europe 2008: the ingredients of a good show

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A review of an event that gathered in Cork (Ireland) the crème-de-la-crème in the world of excipient technology.

Date: 17–18 June 2008
Location: Cork, Ireland

In its second year running, ExcipientFest Europe gathered in Cork the crème-de-la-crème in the world of excipient technology for pharmaceutical formulation, new drug application and sourcing strategies. This two-day event saw representatives from academia mingle in the exhibition, workshops and educational sessions with industry experts from major pharmaceutical companies such as Colorcon, Evonik and Roquette.

The quality of the presentations was excellent. They were well attended and, in general, well presented, stimulating and innovating. Without a doubt, the most interesting contribution was that of Maureen Mistry (Technical Service Manager, Pharma Solutions, Fine Chemicals Europe, Africa & West Asia, BASF), who in her talk titled Application-related properties of a new fast dispersible excipient presented Ludiflash, an orally dispersible table excipient with excellent performance that provides users with full control over formulation, manufacturing and intellectual property.


The event's organization was superb, the atmosphere relaxed and the facilities excellent. However, the number of attendees was below the figures expected by some of the industry representatives present at the event. Whether attendance was poor due to the credit crunch that seems to be currently punishing Europe or because of Cork being an 'out-of-the-way location' is difficult to say. Let's hope that, come 2009, any difficulties, problems or shortcomings are resolved and ExcipientFest Europe establishes itself as the high-value, high-potential event that it deserves to be.

Mark Goodrich: one of PTE's trusted sales executives.