Flexible Conduits and Fittings Improve Power and Data Cable Installation

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Flexicon’s flexible conduit ranges and hygienic fittings save space and time for power and data installations in pharmaceutical facilities.

Flexicon’s eight new flexible conduit ranges and hygienic fittings make cable installations faster, simpler, and safer for the pharmaceutical industry. Flexible conduit is a more cost-effective means of interconnecting power and data cables compared to traditional cable gland installations, because several cables can be grouped together and mechanically protected within a single cable entry point. With only one gland, installations are simpler, faster, and save space.  Future maintenance is also reduced because existing circuits can be replaced, upgraded, or added with minimal disruption. Fewer cable entry points make it is less likely that the ingress protection will fail during wash-down or cleaning.


The conduits in the hygienic ranges are available with different constructions, but all have a smooth cover for easy cleaning, are flexible for simple routing and/or dynamic installations, and have a reinforced construction for good compression strength. The ranges include non-metallic and metallic versions, with different color options. All conduits are compatible with Flexicon’s stainless-steel hygienic fittings. Each fitting incorporates blue compression seals and a blue nut seal to prevent the ingress of bacteria, smooth surfaces to prevent bacterial build-up, and is available in 16-mm to 63-mm options in straight metric thread derivatives.


Source: Flexicon