Flexible Inline High Shear Mixer

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, January 2023, Volume 47, Issue 1
Pages: 12

The ROSS Model HSM-405SC-25 Inline High Shear Mixer with SLIM Technology is a flexible mixing solution.

The ROSS Model HSM-405SC-25 Inline High Shear Mixer with solids/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) Technology is designed for production floors that require flexibility. The stainless-steel portable skid features a built-in workbench that helps save time and money. It allows the mixer to be used anywhere in a plant, eliminating the need for separate mixers for each vessel or product.

As an external mixer, the Inline SLIM can be piped to the recirculation loop of virtually any size vessel. Featuring sanitary tri-clamp connections, this 3A-compliant machine can be cleaned in place or quickly disassembled for deep cleaning and sanitation. Using the tabletop workbench, operators can open bags and load powders into the hopper that sits on top of the mixer, ensuring a consistent feed and minimizing aeration.

The SLIM is a unique rotor/stator device capable of injecting powders directly into a fast-moving liquid stream without the use of an eductor or pump. Engineered for high-speed and high-volume mixing requirements, this device can wet out powders and create a fine immediate dispersion, greatly reducing the occurrence of floating powders, lumps, and agglomerates.

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