Fully automatic aseptic liquid filling system

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The FPC50W is an aseptic filling system with full or partial stoppering and crimp capping of vials, delivering fill volumes ranging 0.1ml to 100ml and filling accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

The FPC50W is a flexible aseptic filling system with integrated full or partial stoppering and crimp capping of vials. The system can deliver fill volumes ranging from 0.1ml to 100ml and a filling accuracy of ± 0.5% which is check-weighed throughout the filling batch, with adjustments made automatically if required.

The FPC50W is ideally suited to applications involving small batches such as contract fillers and research and development trials where cross contamination must be avoided. For example, the use of Flexicon's asepticsu sterile, disposable tubing, filling needles and fluid bags, ensures minimal human contact with the filling operation. In addition, the entire single-use fluid path is contained, making cleaning and validation extremely simple.

As well as check-weighing 100% of the vials filled, the FPC50W also permits fast change-over between batches of liquids to be filled. This helps to eliminate time consuming and costly logistic procedures related to having dedicated pumps in stock.


Peristaltic pumps are ideally suited to filling applications: they provide superior flow rate stability and metering accuracy; facilitate aseptic and sterile processes; have extensive chemical compatibility; and are inherently hygienic and safe to run.