GE Healthcare Launches Xuri IL-2 Growth Factor

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GE Healthcare launches the Xuri IL-2 for the activation and expansion of T-lymphocytes.

GE Healthcare introduces the Xuri IL-2, a cell therapy ancillary product for the ex-vivo cultivation of T-lymphocytes. Xuri IL-2’s level of biological activity removes the need for revalidation of each lot and improves reproducibility, thereby minimizing process development time and improving scale out capacity.

Xuri IL-2 features low endotoxin levels (<0.025 EU/µg) and is supplied with instructions for expansion in static culture and with the Xuri Cell Expansion Systems W5 and W25. In addition, the IL-2 is available for preclinical use, an alternative for the cultivation of T-lymphocytes in proof-of-principle and basic research experiments. The close equivalence between IL-2 and Xuri IL-2 simplifies the transition from research to process development for cell therapy manufacturing with minimized optimization time while supporting regulatory compliance.


Source: GE Healthcare