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Spray drying is an ultra-fast and gentle drying technology that offers unique possibilities of producing powders with advanced properties.

GEA Process Engineering A/S

Improve drug properties and production with spray drying
Spray drying is a technique preferred by a growing number of pharmaceutical companies to produce better drugs. This ultra-fast and gentle drying technology offers unique possibilities of producing powders with advanced properties - even under aseptic conditions.

Several companies are already benefitting from the technology as an ‘enabling technology’ - to improve the performance of poorly soluble APIs by producing an amorphous solid dispersion, to obtain controlled release or taste-masking, or to produce advanced powders with specific properties.


GEA Process Engineering - the company behind GEA Niro spray drying technology - is the leading provider of spray drying technology to the pharmaceutical industry, and is one of the few companies that offer a full range of spray drying units and services to companies working with the develop-ment of spray dried pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical grade products. Our portfolio covers the complete development cycle - from the initial proof of concept tests where only a few milliliters of material are available to full-scale production of clinical trial materials and commercial products under cGMP conditions. For better results on any scale, look to GEA Process Engineering.

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