Genencor Wins Vaccine-Development Contract

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Genecor Wins Vaccine-Development Contract

The US Defense AdvancedResearch Projects Agency (DARPA, Arlington, VA)has awarded GenencorInternational (Palo Alto, CA) a$700,000 contract to develop a process for rapidly manufacturingemergency vaccines and other therapies to combat biological threats.The contract calls upon the company's fungal-based protein-expressionplatform for large-scale production of monoclonal antibodies.

According to a company release, "The goal is to manufacture 10 milliondoses of vaccine within two months of identifying a biological agent."Further details of the contract have not been made available.

Genencor develops fermentation strains and claims expertise in geneticmanipulation of eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. The companyapplies its capabilities in cloning, molecular genetics, DNA arrays,and proteomics to analyze and improve its production strains.

DARPA is the central research and development organization for theDepartment of Defense.

–Maribel Rios