Getting to know Frankfurt

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CPhI will be held at the Messe Frankfurt, which is easily accessible via taxi or the city?s low-cost Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) public transport system.

CPhI will be held at the Messe Frankfurt, which is easily accessible via taxi or the city’s low-cost Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) public transport system. You can use the U-Bahn or S-Bahn trains or the tram. You can also reach the venue on foot (about 10 min) from the central train station Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

Transport details are available on the Messe Frankfurt website. You can also use the journey planner to check directions from your hotel.

CPhI will run for three days, but while you’re at the show don’t forget to take advantage of the location. Frankfurt is a multicultural city that is home to people from 180 nationalities so there is always someone to speak to in the language of your choice, as well as a restaurant that serves your favourite kind of food.


Altstadt and the Römer.According to our colleagues, the Altstadt or old city, located on the northern Main bank, is one of the liveliest places to visit with its range of excellent restaurants and bars to merrily wile away the evening in.

In addition, the area boasts some striking medieval architecture, particularly in the Römerberg plaza where many of the old-world styled buildings are dedicated to traditional restaurants and shops. The plaza also houses the magnificent Römer, which has been the city hall for 600 years and is one of the main stops for tourists.


The Main Tower. Frankfurt has an impressive skyline of high-rise buildings that make the city reminiscent of America’s Manhattan and Chicago. If you want to scale the heights of the city then your best bet is the Main Tower. This is the fourth highest skyscraper at 200 meters and there is a viewing terrace for the public on the 56th floor. Details on how to get to the tower can be found on the website.

Gardens. If you find yourself with a spare morning or afternoon in Frankfurt and are feeling intimidated by the imposing skyline of the metropolis then you may wish to consider exploring some of the public gardens for a breath of fresh air. The city is home to a botanical garden, Chinese garden, baroque garden and more. Details are available on Frankfurt’s website.

Many visitors to the city recommend the Palm Garden (Palmengarten), which provides beautiful views both inside its enormous conservatory and outside in the gardens. Visitors can also receive a tour of the garden via an express train or take a canoe out on the lake. The garden is a popular place for families and so can be busy at weekends.

Other attractions. Frankfurt has far too many attractions to list here. If you’re planning on making your CPhI trip into an extended stay then you want to take a look at the following websites that offer suggestions of how you may wish to spend your time: