GlaxoSmithKline Partners with Singapore for Formulation

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The parties partner for evidence-based formulations for emerging markets

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES) of Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s have signed a five-year strategic agreement to develop new evidence-based formulations (EBFs) specifically for emerging markets. .EBFs are often fixed-dose combinations of active drugs or new formulations with different pharmacokinetic properties, new routes of delivery, or improved safety profiles. ICES has a long standing relationship with GSK since 2003, and the development of EBFs will further strengthen the relationship between both parties. The collaboration leverages ICES’ strengths and expertise in synthesis, formulation and process development and GSK’s vast experience in drug-candidate selection, optimization, and product development in novel formulations. The collaboration will enhance ICES’ technical expertise and know-how in drug product formulation, analytical techniques, development and scale-up. It will develop a pool of local expertise in specialized formulation for pharmaceutical development in Singapore.