Global Controlled Release Alliance Presents METHOCEL DC2 at CPhI 2014

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Global Controlled Release Alliance, a partnership between Dow Pharma & Food Solutions and Colorcon, will present METHOCEL DC2 compressible hydroxypropyl methylcellulose at CPhI Worldwide 2014.

Dow Pharma & Food Solutions collaborated with Colorcon to form Global Controlled Release Alliance to increase pharmaceutical product development and global reach. At CPhI Worldwide 2014, Global Controlled Release Alliance will present METHOCEL DC2, a compressible hydroxypropyl methylcellulose designed to provide a more spherical particle morphology, eliminate wet-granulation steps, increase protection for sensitive APIs, reduce development time, and provide consistent performance for matrix formulation.

Dow Pharma & Food Solutions will be present at CPhI 2014 at booth 5H31. Colorcon will be present at booth 5H37.


Source: Dow